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Registration for Audition / Solo Competitors on March 25th and April 14th, 2017 in ETA studios!
You will receive the detailed information upon completing full Registration!

Register for Audition/Solo on March 25th and April 14th

In ETA Studios


Your Audition has to be approved by the Board of ETA.

You will be notified within 7 business days if you qualify to participate in the First Middle East/International Classical Ballet Competition.
By submitting your registration you agree any pictures or videos can be shared by the third party and used for advertising purposes.​

Submission of Registration for Audition
(Video should not be larger then 25 mb)

Fee: 15 EUR

Only registrations with paid Fee will be viewed!
The fee is nonrefundable.

Instructions for the Audition


  • Battement tendu

  • Fondu

  • Grand Bettement



  • Addagio

  • Combination with pioruettes

  • Small jumps

  • Middle jumps

  • Big jumps

By Submitting the Registration and paying the Fee you will automatically get a Voucher worth 50 eur for Registration after April 1st 2017 to DANCS PIRAN 2017 Ballet Summer Seminar.


Read more about it and complete the final registration at

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