Ballet Preparation/Warm-up, Repertoire, Character and Contemporary Dance


Ballet Workshop with Soloist from Miami City Ballet and Soloist from Opera Peru

 3, 4 and 5th from 12-3 pm

This Class is for all Ballet Students starting from 8 years and above!


Price: 1350 le
Apply before May 20th and get 15% OFF

Call to register: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408
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Ballet preparation/Warm-up

Professional dancers start each day with a ballet class as long as their active career lasts. The reason is that they need to get their bodies warmed up, in shape, exercised, chiseled and toned. Additionally, this gives them a chance to practice and improve individual exercises, moves and “tricks” as part of the ballet class, which they use later in the rehearsals and the performance.


Repertoire is the collection of classical ballet and dance pieces a dance company performs of all the classical ballets that have ever been created. For a dancer, repertoire is learning the ballet parts and pieces that he or she performs in the company. Often, dancers learn parts for competitions, or with a view to stepping into a role in a company in which they may or may not even have been cast. Performing classical ballet roles and choreography is the reason dancers begin to learn dance in the first place, and therefore it is not only the main purpose but the most rewarding part of being a dancer as well.

Character and Contemporary dance

Often, dancers are required to perform ballets or roles that have been choreographed in any of the numerous dance styles. While ballet in regarded as the most difficult form of dance, which most prepares a dancer for any challenges with which he or she may be faced through his or her career, and therefore is regarded as the most thorough basis for any endeavors and ambitions related to dance, dancers must prepare and train for quick adaptability to any style. This increases and “rounds out” the versatility of a dancer, and largely enhances his or her skill and value as a performer. And additionally, let’s admit it, exploring various forms and styles of dance from folk to flamenco are fun!


Call to register: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408
Or Register online at






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