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Choreography for your Annual Performance!

Easy Talent Academy is a Ballet/ Dancing School with it's own 350 m Studio.

We have variety of trainers from different countries, USA, Russia, Ukrania, England and other countries of western / eastern Europe.
We have Dancers such as Prima Ballerina from Cairo Opera House and others, teaching classes and we can Guarantee you an Amazing Choreography for your Annual Performance.
All our Trainers are specialized and top professionals in the classes they teach. We have a program for Choreography from different Musicals all the way to some of very famous Ballet works.

We can incorporate in your performance of arts dances, like Jazz across the decades - swing from the 40's, twist from the 50's, fosse from the 60's, disco from the 70's, old school from the 80's, and hip hop from the 90's to now. We can also make pieces of dances for acting plays, specially choreographed for your act.

We are also the only School in Egypt to offer Russian Ballet training exclusively with foreign trainers, teaching the most famous Vaganova Method.

Due to high demands of trainings and occupancy of our Studio, we offer our Choreography works only to few chosen Schools.

Please call for a Meeting: 010-255-20-400

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