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Frozen II

Ballet IV Variation in Costumes

(4 - 6 years)

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Finale Frozen II Ballet IV


More info: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408



- Friday, January 3rd from 4-5pm

New Cairo:

- Friday, January 3rd from 2-3pm

- Tuesday, December 31th from 6-7pm


This is the Frozen II Ballet 1 Variation (out of 4 Variations)

a series of our program for developing Ballet Skills, that we will use through out the next month.


Children will dance Ballet through Frozen II animation movie music. Children will learn the classical Ballet sophisticated dance on famous Disney Frozen II Music.


Children can enjoy dancing with any costumes they have.

The workshop is very beneficial for child development, independence and self-confidence for children from 4-6 years.


Note: All children who will complete all 4 levels of Frozen II Ballet, will receive Awarding Frozen Certificate!



One child: 150 le

Two Children: 200 le

Extra children: 75 le

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