The Mommy & Me program is designed for moms wanting to spend quality time with their child, creating special memories as dancers together.

In this class, the environment is relaxed, organized and friendly. Mommies focus on sculpting, strengthening, cardio and stretching to form the body of a dancer.

Children are encouraged to participate in imaginary play, activity that develops gross motor skills and range of movement, and an exploration of basic ballet skills and vocabulary.

Children receive instruction while moms are there to assist, encourage and celebrate their children dancing. Mommy & Me is based in Classical Ballet, but also incorporates yoga/Pilates, Zumba, Jazz, and tumbling techniques to provide a well-rounded program that both moms and children enjoy.

Introduce your child to dance with you by their side! Each session is an hour in duration; and you select if you would like to attend once or twice per week. Class size is limited. Dress code: fitted t-shirt with leggings/shorts or leotard with tights.

Tuesday and Thursday Join us!
2-4 years + Mommy: 4pm-5pm