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Master Pirouette Workshop

Only $55

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Join us for a series of 2 classes designed to improve your Pirouette!

Master Pirouette Workshop


This class is dedicated to teaching the proper mechanics that are the foundation of all rotating movement regardless of dance style.


Using the tools of alignment, coordination and musicality that is inherent in proper ballet technique, the class will offer one on one diagnosis with individual correction to resolve the problems that stand in the dancer’s way.


Once this foundation is in place each dancer takes with them the tools for more consistent and successful pirouettes.


Strongly Recommended for: Butterflies 4,5,6,7 and 8

Time: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April from 11 am-12:30 pm

Price: 490 le (Limited Space)


Call to register: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408

Only 490 le

You can register online at or at the desk.
Dead line for registration March 28th.
Note: the full amount has to be paid up front for all 4 classes. The fee is non refundable. 

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