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Pre- Pointe Workshop

Only $71

Ballet Workshop with Anja Ahcin Cairo Opera House First Dancer!

January, 22nd and 23rd from 4-5:30 pm

This is Class is for Butterflies IV, V and VI or outsiders who has Advanced knowledge of Ballet, Girls 8-15 years

Our pre-Pointe workshop is designed to introduce the young dancer to strength building exercises that will enable her successful transition from soft ballet slippers to Pointe shoes.
Included in the workshop will be an assessment of the dancer's Pointe readiness, introductory Pointe exercises and an individualized exercise program to help develop and strengthen muscles that will be needed for Pointe work, such as exercises with a lot of releves which are going to develop the strength of the legs - knees and uncles and eshapes, passe, releves on one leg which are used for point shoes workout.
We will also play some educational Videos about Pointe dancers.


Call to register: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408
Only 550 le


Here’s why it’s a great idea:

• You can fully warn them about the discomfort, expected commitment, possible injuries and additional costs related to Pointe work.

• They can make an informed decision about whether or not this is something they are prepared to commit to prior to purchasing shoes or the start of classes. No excuses or whining later You knew what you signed up for.

• You can take advantage of an ideal moment (when excitement levels are high and their interest is peaked), to go into some of the details about starting Pointe work; from caring for their shoes and feet, to what padding to use.

• You can set the ground rules and expectations before you’ve even started.


Introducing Pointe Shoes

• Pointe shoe anatomy (platform, box, vamp, shank etc)

• Placement of your foot inside a Pointe shoe (no scrunching, long toes etc)

• Discuss possible pain, injury and problems that Pointe work can generate (and that moaning won’t be tolerated – it goes with the territory), and how to minimize risks

Pointe Shoes & You

• Describe how Pointe shoes will (or ought to) feel

• Introduce students to different types of feet and toes (getting them to examine their own feet and assess their foot type)

• Explain the various issues different types of feet encounter (including that speed of progression en Pointe is not an isolated indicator of whether or not you are a good dancer)

• Dispel myths that may cause counterproductive envy, competition or the (often dangerous) practices of dancers attempting to stretch or force their feet in some manner to alter their shape.


Call to register: 010-255-20-400 or 010-255-20-408

Only 550 le

You can register online at or at the desk.
Dead line for registration Jan 20th.
Note: the full amount has to be paid up front for all 4 classes. The fee is non refundable. 

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