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Classical Ballet Summer Camp for Girls 6-12 years with Viktoriya Pashenko
Former soloist from Cairo Opera House


Classical Ballet Boost Summer Camp for Girls 6-12 years with Viktoriya Pashenko

10 days Extensive Ballet Workout total 20 hours of Ballet
Starting in August
(16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31) from 1-3 pm.


Body Coordination, Rhythm and Jumps!
Intermediate/Advanced Level Butterflies (II and III, IV, V and VI)
The whole program of Summer Camp will be concentrated on cleaning the steps kids already learn, upgrading them and learning repertoire (choreographies of famous Classical Ballets). 
Summer Camp program is extremely beneficial and will boost the progress of students bringing them to higher levels of performance!


Body Coordination: We will learn a very important technique, which is the core of Ballet element, how to make arms and legs work separately. Legs being separate, do the technical part and being strong while at the same time arms are being soft and gentle. You will learn how arms help the legs which is extremely important for jumps, turns and dancing.

Rhythm: To understand the Music is the base for Ballet whether you are doing bare, floor exercises or dancing. We will learn how to listen to the rhythm in music and understand it.
How to count each step according to the rhythm and what it means 4/4 2/4 3/4 6/8.

Jumps: We will learn more about proper plie, which is the key element for any kind of jumps, correct arms and hands positions, we will work on getting muscles stronger, children will learn the proper body positions and balancing it while performing correct jumps.

After completing the Course, Students will receive a Certificate and have a small Performance in the Studio!


10 DAYS - Price: 1950 le



Summer Camp is for Outsiders as well as for current Students at Easy Talent Academy!

Register this week and get 5% Off!

Call for more info: 010-255-20-400 



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