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Video Submission for Group Competitors

Submission of Video
(Video should not be larger then 25 mb)

Fee: 45 EUR

Only videos with paid Fee will be viewed!
The fee is nonrefundable.

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By Submitting the Video and paying the Fee you will automatically get a Voucher worth 50 eur per person for Registration after April 1st 2017 to DANCS PIRAN 2017 Ballet Summer Seminar.


Read more about it and complete the final registration at

Instructions for the video
(The Video can be recorder with maximum of 6 students in a Group)


  • Battement tendu

  • Fondu

  • Grand Bettement



  • Addagio

  • Combination with pioruettes

  • Small jumps

  • Middle jumps

  • Big jumps

Your video has to be approved by the Board of ETA.

You will be notified within 7 business days if you qualify to participate in the First Middle East/International Classical Ballet Competition.
By submitting your video you agree it can be shared by the third party and used for advertising purposes.​

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