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Easy Talent Academy is operating as a Registered Brand Mark and is a Member of CID-UNESCO, Paris, WADF World Artistic Dance Federation and and ISCN, International Standards Est. USA based Organization for Anti-Fraud institutions.


As a Member of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO.
Giving all students the opportunity to be Internationally recognized and get all benefits accordingly by getting International Certification of Dance Studies/10 levels.

The certificate by International Dance Council CID-UNESCO will be handed to selected students who completed our program of training and passed the exam.
Students will be invited to a special ceremony for CID-UNESCO nominated students and educators, organized by Easy Talent Academy in Cairo, Egypt.
Every student will receive an official invitation to the ceremony.

CID is official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

With this certificate the students will get all these benefits:
- Prestigious title of Member of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO for one year
- Present his/her work at world congresses of CID-UNESCO
- Get Support for applications for a visa to attend congresses and other events held under the auspices of CID-UNESCO.
- Share the prestige of "the United Nations of Dance", as CID is usually called.
- Be able to apply to the country's National Commissions for UNESCO, other government agencies or private sponsors to fund his/her travel abroad in order to represent his/her country
- Obtain legal advice on professional matters, free of charge, as all services by CID


As a WADF member we guarantee our students to participate in all important International Dance competition in the world.  Our students can also become members of WADF  and will be offered competitions from 7 main Departments containing 24 Dance Divisions including 56 competition Disciplines in 10 Age groups and 7 Categories ending up to more than 10.000 possible combinations.

ETA is also the first and only internationally accredited and certified by ISCN Russian Classical Ballet and General Gymnastic School in Egypt, moreover ETA is the only school licensed to verify and certify other Classical Ballet Schools as well as their or any trainers in Egypt to insure international standards. ETA students are liable to receive ISCN diplomas after passing a specific exam in Russian Classical Ballet and General Gymnastic!

Easy Talent Academy was established in 2013 as the first professional Russian Classical Ballet and Traditional Karate with later addition of general gymnastic high level and international physically activity school. ETA is also the founder and the first organizer of National classical ballet competition in Egypt for privately owned schools.
They pride in excellent service, trust, reputation and all in all success since 2013.
National Competitions;
2016, Cairo (Easy Talent Academy)
2019, Cairo (Easy Talent Academy)
2020, Hurghada ( Easy Talent Academy and Cooperating Partner with Classical Dance Academy)

No previous experience is necessary. At times throughout the program, the instructors engage the participants in full program activities such as learning choreography and how to perform.
The trainers emphasizes on developing self-confidence, focus and concentration while connecting to others and work together in a group.
The school is structured in 3 semesters after which children are tested/evaluated and moved to the next level.
For encouragement they receive a certificate of accomplishment.
Through out the summer we structure classes to focus on techniques, modifications and to prepare students for the new coming school year.
We also engage children in different choreographs for a wonderful annual performance where they can prosper in learning new skills.
The school is also having regular workshops where children have the opportunity to learn more techniques, methods and styles.
Through out the year, trainers are rotating in classes in order to give the best opportunity to all children.
Last 10 days of August we run regular evaluations of children to get them started in the correct levels for the new school year.
All new children should be tested before sign up, to insure the quality of training and the right placement in class level.
We pride in constant improvement of program and quality of training.
International accredited and recognized professional Ballet teachers /educators run all classes.
We accept children starting from 3 years -16 years as well as Ladies up to 45 years."

For any further information we will be happy to answer your call or meet you in person in our Studio!

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