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Easy Talent Academy is pleased to Launch the First NFT for Classical Ballet School. As the first NFT we proudly present you our copyrighted Logo. There is only 50 of the FA and FE available! 

The First Logo for Ballet School as NFT!
Easy Talent Academy published their official Logo which is Federally Registered with the Patent and Trade Mark office.
This is the First NFT, copyrighted Logo for Ballet School in the world wide market.  
By Owning the First Logo you will access the right to your own personal NFT from your classroom. (you need to be a student at ETA). 
























The NFT is in GLB format!
GLB is a file format used for 3D images and scenes. When you open such a file, you can view the model/scene from all angles and in detail. Like the beloved JPG format used for static images, GLB offers a perfect combination of small file size and relatively decent detail.

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