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These regulations are in place to keep our studio running efficiently throughout the year. 
Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. 

General Guideline’s


  • Studio etiquette is very important. It is the expectation that everyone will physically demonstrate esteem for the art form, the teachers, and other students.

  • All guests, students, and teachers are expected to be courteous and treat one another with respect and dignity.

  • We expect from all parents to respect the rules given

  • Street shoes are not permitted in the class.

  • No gum chewing on the premises. Please discard prior to school entry. We are continuing to find gum on our studio floors and furniture.

  • All jewelry and valuables are to be left at home. Easy talent Academy is not responsible for theft or loss of items. Please keep your valuables at home.

  • Parents are to wait in the parent lounge only. Entering the classes or interrupting the class is strictly prohibited and it is a subject to dismissal from school without refunding fee.

  • Waiting students and parents are asked to keep the noise level to a minimum. The noise level disturbs our dance classes.

  • We ask that parents to keep siblings from running around the studio and climbing and swinging on school furniture and making noise.

  • We ask that parents to clean up after their children to try to keep our studio as neat and clean as possible please also avoid food or orders from restaurant in the studio.

  • All students are to arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to their specified class time and wait outside the studio door.

  • Those students who are 15 minutes late will not be able to enter and participate in class. No make up class is offered and no refund for missed classes.

  • Parents make sure your child has a bottle of water to take with her to the class and uses the toilet before entering the class.

  • Children are prohibited to leave a class without teacher permission.

  • Parents are not allowed to give any form of gifts to trainers or any staff at Easy Talent Academy, unless the full group collects a gift as a nice thank you gesture.




  • Students has to be enrolled in the school at least 4 month prior to performance and has to have attendance of minimum 80% to be accepted in performance.

  • Costumes fees should be paid when the order for costumes is made

  • Tickets fees should be paid minimum 1 month before performance to guarantee your sit.




  • One semester consists of 3 month and the full fee should be paid before 25th of the month, (after that we have right to charge you 95le for late fee), for the following month, 2-month or 3 month depending on a package you have.

  • If a student missed a class or is late to the class there is no replacement class offered. There is also no refund for any missed classes.

  • Please note that students may not be able to change classes if the class size is at its limit.

  • If a student enrolls in multiple classes and drops one/or more classes, the remainder of the term is not transferable to remaining terms.

  • There will be no make-up classes for missed classes. An exception will be made if it is due to cancellation by Easy Talent Academy.

  • Cancellation classes due to Statutory Holidays will not be made-up.

  • New students may observe a class but may not participate unless the registrations have been completed.

  • Easy Talent Academy has the right to change schedule with 1-month prior notice, the fees are not refundable in this case.

  • Easy Talent Academy has the right to change the trainer without prior notice, for replacement classes as well as regular classes as long as the trainer is up to the standards, the fees are not refundable in this case.

  • Students are not charged for extra classes due to calendar extra days.



  • The fees are non refundable except in extreme circumstances (prolonged injuries, illness, hospitalization, death… in this case the official paper needs to be provided).

  • The Client is able to get 60% of refunds within 2 months period if the student didn’t participate in any of the classes.

  • The school will not refund the fees if students or parents violate our rules and regulations.


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