Most common Questions Parents have!


How do I register?

You can register by coming to our studio fill out a Registration Forum, pay the fees and get the Membership Card. 


What is the Minimum age and maximum age for children to Register?

The minimum age is 3 years and the maximum is 15 years. 


Do you offer Ballet for Boys?

We do not have Classes for Boys, however we can do arrangements for private class (groups or individual).


How soon I can expect to see some results of your Teachings?

Ballet is very sophisticate Dance and discipline. It requires patience, persistence and will. If you bring your child to most of the classes, and she is rested and willing to do Ballet, then you can expect results within one-two month. 


What makes our academy different than others kid's academy?

We could say we differ by focusing on teaching professional Ballet and the level we teach is hard to find anywhere else in Egypt. We also teach Ballet for Ladies, which is new here. The classes are specifically for
adult women who were training Ballet in the past and also for women who never did anything. 

We focus on working closely with each child in order to recognize the talents they have. Our purpose is to give opportunity to all children to learn while enjoying the correct exercising in a proper level group. We stress out on discipline, focus, ability and many other things which are essential for children to develop their talent. 

The concept of Easy Talent is really nothing new, it might be new to Egypt, the approach we have, the work strategy, how we handle the classes, performances and everything else in order to bring success for children.

We could say, we differ from other academies by having top professionals working with children who are focusing on Ballet and Gymnast alone. We hire only trainers who studied in professionals schools overseas. We do not hire trainers who completed only courses of Ballet. 

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