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Rules and Regulations

Release Form

  • All families need to sign a release form on Registration about health before participating in class.  

  • All Staff in ETA signed the COVID-19 Safety measures and received a training.

  • ETA is following the Government Instructions and the instructions by World health Organization.

  • Parents should explain to their children and let them watch a video we will send you  in order to understand all precautions taken to avoid COVID-19 infection.


Arrival and Dismissal

  • Children, parents and guardians should not come to the school if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 virus or have been in touch with persons having
    COVID-19 virus or it's symptoms.

  • Everyone entering the school should have their mask on.

  • At arrival the students will be shown their sitting or marked place in the waiting area.

  • Students should wait in the waiting area in their place until they are called in the studio by their name.

  • Students will be able to take their mask off in the studio (as it's very hard to do physical activity with the mask on)

  • We will check the temperature of anyone who enters the school with a (no-touch) temporal scanner.  Anybody with a temperature higher than 37°C will be asked to return home (could take Live Online classes).

  • Everyone will be given hand sanitizer when they enter and exit the studio.

  • Dancers may also use their own hand sanitizer if they desire.

  • Students should come with Ballet uniforms underneath their clothes and without any bag, phone or other items! Parents are always welcome to call us to check on their children!

  • Students' clothes and uniforms should be freshly washed before coming to their class as well as after their class.

  • Students should have their hair tied up before entering the school, otherwise will not be able to enter!

  • Students are required to place their shoes in the shoe area!

  • Hand washing will remain available as well.

  • In order to limit the number of people in the waiting area, students above 6 years must be dropped at the entrance, for students below 6 years the parents could enter in New Cairo and keep 1,5 m distance and in Maadi Parents should wait in the garden area! Only 1 parent per Student in both branches.

  • Seniors above 60 years should not bring their grandchildren.

  • Students will be required to bring their own, pre-filled, water bottles to avoid contact with the fridge.

  • Students should not have any food with them, candies, gums....etc (Water and sanitizer allowed only).

  • Students are encouraged to wear a mask if they so choose, but it is not mandatory.

  • Parents should come 10 minutes before the class and should pick up their children max 10 after the class!



  • Dance floors and high touch areas will be cleaned before starting classes in the day, between classes and at the end of each day.

  • Barre's and other props will be cleaned and sanitized before starting classes in the day, between classes and at the end of each day.

  • Bathrooms will be disinfected frequently throughout the day as well as before and after all day activities.


Class Routine

  • All ETA Staff received a training about safety precautions for prevention of
    COVID-19 virus

  • Classes will be limited to 5-7 Students to allow them plenty of room to spread out in class.

  • Class program, routine and exercises are adjusted to the COVID-19 circumstances!

  • The dance floor will be marked to help students distance from each other.

  • We have updated the schedule to allow for staggered class start and end times. 
    This will limit the amount of students coming in and out of the studio at a given time.

  • Our teachers remain committed to creating a positive, constructive, healthy environment.  Verbal instruction will be given throughout class, but they will not be giving hands-on corrections.

  • Teachers will be practicing social distancing.

  • Following CID-UNESCO policy and recommendations for classes after re-opening 


These rules might change according to circumstances and government instructions!


By signing below I understand everything I have read and I agree to Respect all ETA
COVID-19 Safety Measures. The rules might change according to the Government instructions; in this case ETA does not take responsibility.

ETA has also the right to changing schedules and trainers without refund. In case of any outbreaks and government restrictions, all classes will be moved online and there will be no refund offered! 

Registration fee is refundable after finishing ETA membership and completing the Exit Interview with ETA Staff. 
Membership fee is not refundable. 

I also understand ETA is not responsible for any COVID-19 infections.

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