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Welcome to ETA

Welcome to Easy Talent Academy. We are so excited to have your family at our studio. As you already probably know, Easy Talent Academy is always looking out to discover new talents in Egypt who can achieve International success. And we truly hope your child will be one of them. 


Our curriculum is build for children to prosper, be taught correctly according to physical and mental development stages of children. 


However, at Easy Talent Academy we believe in working together with parents for the benefit, progress and success of your child. Therefore, please find below things that we would love you to know, to help us being the Best Studio in this field.

It would mean a lot to us and we would be very grateful to give your sincere review on our FB page.


Things to know in Easy Talent Academy:

1. Try to arrive 15 minutes before a class in order for your child to get prepared for the class, use the toilette (make sure to really do that before the class), dress in the uniform (this is a must as it keeps everyone more organized and highers the discipline), make ballet bun (if needed for the class) and give your child a bottle of water to go in with. Food, juices, cookies, chocolate... all this is not allowed in the training.


2. If your child is facing parent independence issues, we advice to enter the class with your child quietly (not to interrupt the class), let your child sit next to you and just be there silently as a comfort and security. Do not try to encourage your child to do anything in the class as this will cause your child more anxiety, just simply be there. Give your child time to digest and comprehend the new environment. If you will follow this steps we promises you in no time your child will participate alone and not just that, your child will be happy to join and gain self confidence independently, which is a very important skill to have.

3. If you see your child is independent do not enter the class, and do not open the door during the classes, as you can interrupt the class and the teacher will need more time to grab everyone attention and get them to focus. We guarantee your child is in safe hands and safe environment. All our trainers are Internationally Accredited, well skilled and all do go through screening and 1-2 month training process of Easy Talent Academy before they are even allowed to run their own class.


4. Every month we prepare an open class for parents, when you can enter in the last 10 minutes and see a showing. Usually trainers show a part of the class how it looks like.

Please do not look for improvements as this is not a real test how much your child improved in one month, this is a simply a show to get an idea what they do in the class.

Please also note sometimes children get anxiety to perform in front of a crowd and this is a good way for us to train them for any annual shows, competitions...etc.

After showing pleas do not criticize your child, or some children is already a lot just to be there in front of strangers.

5. As we run monthly showings we also have parents minutes, where the trainer will be available for any questions you might have. You will be notified for monthly showings, testings and three month testings by the desk, and you can also check the announcement board n the studio.


6. In regards to improvement of your child, we run regular tests every three month, where all children are tested and evaluated according to their age, skill, ability and knowledge.
This is a real reality check if your child is progressing or not.


6. As we run monthly showings we also have parents minutes, where the trainer will be available for all questions you might have. You will be notified for monthly showings, testings and three month evaluation by the desk, you are also welcomed to check the announcement board n the studio.


7. Changes such as moving, arrival of a new sibling, parent traveling, sickness in the family sometimes death are great factors for child's misbehavior or any other attitude.

Since in Easy Talent Academy, we strongly believe in parent/teacher communication, therefore if you have any concerns please approach to the trainer or reception and we will put attention to your concern immediately and make it our priority.


8. For all our classes, we have specially designed programs for all activities according to their age. Please take this programs from reception and get familiar with them so you will know what we do and what to expect from class and your child.


9. Every month we offer FREE workshops for our loyal clients, we highly recommend to take advantage of this, as it's something new for your child and you can also explore other activities and see your child potential in full, get new skills and discover more talent your child has.


10. We have a stamp collection booklet, where children collect stamps for being on time, being in uniform and doing well in the class. Please understand the stamp collection booklet is a discipline tool, which helps the trainers to improve their class.
To get a stamp in the booklet is not a rule, rather is an exception.


11. We do yearly shows and competitions, usually we choose groups and children who are most dedicated and send them for a show or we organize annual shows for which you will be informed in timely manner.


12. As we do not want to take time from their regular classes, to participate in any show or competition, you will have extra classes where your child will learn the choreography for the show.


13. To help us be better organized and for the trainers to be prepared better

(knowing the numbers of children and who are their children) we ask all parents to complete their registration and payment by the 25th of every month for the new month coming.


14. We work very hard to bring progress to our children, and we hate to see a child dropping in their performance due to missing classes because of traveling. Therefore in the month of December and January we try to accommodate our clients by giving them replacement classes in this 2 month. Whatever you will miss in December and January you can replace within this two month. And remember every class is very important to bring progress. At the reception we will be happy to help you with booking replacement classes.



We hope you had a great first month with Easy Talent Academy, however we understand it can be a little bumpy in the begging for your child, therefore we will give you 2 free classes in December, you can choose 2 classes from the schedule according to your child's level.

We truly hope you had a pleasant first month experience.

It would mean a lot to us and we would be very grateful to give your sincere review on our FB page.

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