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Workshop will give you extra 100 credit points to be qualified to enter the exam 

Special Certificate of Participation. 

NOVEMBER 30TH  Starting 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Attention to all aspiring ballet dancers!
Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to attend professional workshops with the renowned Maestra Claudia Sovre. These workshops cater to students of all ages, ranging from those preparing for the CID UNESCO Certification Exam to those who simply want to learn and explore more about ballet.


All workshops are organized according to age groups, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. 

Our young dancers aged 4-5 years will learn fundamental steps in classical ballet while receiving a detailed report of their physical examination by Maestra Claudia Sovre.

(1 hour workshop and 1 hour for CID-UNESCO Exam) 

For older students between 6-8 years, they will gain insight into stretching techniques whilst learning crucial variations from the classical ballet repertoire. The students will undergo a physical examination and receive a full report from Maestra Claudia Sovre.
(1 hour workshop and 1 hour for CID-UNESCO Exam) 

Meanwhile, students aged 9-12 years will understand the importance of self-care and grasp more advanced techniques. They will also learn a captivating variation from one of the famous ballet repertoires. Students will be subjected to physical examinations to identify areas for improvement, allowing them to grow beyond expectations.

(2 hours workshop and 1 hour for CID-UNESCO Exam) 

Our final group, students aged 13 years and above, can look forward to fine-tuning their Point work. Maestra Cladia Sovre has included exercises that are designed specifically to enhance their performance in variations. After undergoing a thorough physical examination, students can expect a comprehensive full report on their progress.

(2 hours workshop and 1 hour for CID-UNESCO Exam) 

Be part of this transformative dance experience; join us at our Ballet Workshops today!

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