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Audit Report: Global Fusion Project - InterCultural Collaboration

Introduction: The following audit report provides an overview of the Global Fusion project, which facilitated intercultural collaboration between Slovenian Ballet students/professionals and Egyptian Ballet students. The project aimed to merge two distinct cultures through classical ballet performances staged in two prominent cities in Egypt: Cairo (Ghomoreya Theater) and Alexandria (Opera Alexandria).

Collaborating Partners: The Global Fusion project was made possible through collaboration with the following partners:

  • Slovenian Embassy

  • Slovenian/Egyptian Association Snezinka

  • Ministry of Culture, National Cultural Center Cairo Opera House

  • Slovenian Republic Government Office for Slovenians Abroad and Worldwide

  • Ministry of Culture, Foreign Cultural Relations

  • Apis Institute, Slovenia/European Union

Project Scope: The project involved the integration of classical ballet repertoire from both Slovenian and Egyptian traditions. Through intensive rehearsals and workshops, ballet students and professionals from both countries came together to create a harmonious fusion of artistic expression.

Performance Venues: Two major stages were selected for the performances:

  1. Ghomoreya Theater, Cairo

  2. Opera Alexandria, Alexandria

Audit Findings:

  1. Artistic Collaboration: The collaboration between Slovenian and Egyptian ballet students/professionals was highly successful, resulting in a seamless fusion of artistic styles and cultural influences.

  2. Cultural Exchange: The project facilitated meaningful cultural exchange, allowing participants to gain insights into each other's cultural heritage and artistic practices.

  3. Staging and Production: Both performances were executed with professionalism and artistic flair, showcasing the talent and dedication of all involved.

  4. Audience Engagement: The performances received positive feedback from audiences, demonstrating the appeal of cross-cultural collaborations in the arts.

  5. Partnership Impact: The collaborative efforts of the partnering organizations contributed significantly to the success of the project, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in promoting cultural exchange.

Conclusion: The Global Fusion project exemplified the power of intercultural collaboration in the arts. By bringing together ballet students and professionals from Slovenia and Egypt, the project fostered mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect for diverse cultural traditions. The performances staged in Cairo and Alexandria served as platforms for cultural diplomacy, promoting goodwill and friendship between nations.

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